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Post by The Doctor on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:19 pm

The dream merchant. Not quite sure how close to the line it is between fantasy and sci-fi, but it has time travel in it so I dont care.

It's not an overly hard read, but it's fun.

Joshua Cope is just an average boy. He gets picked up by Gippart International to do some not-exactly-normal jobs and, accompanied by his best friend 'Baz' and newfound friend Teresa he literally gets lost in time.

He joins Gippart because it promises him adventure, something that is hard to resist for any kid. He and his friends quickly find out though that Josh and Baz were no ordinary recruits for the company – in fact there a lot of things about Josh and Baz that neither one of them knew to expect. But along with making personal discoveries, and walking through umaya (the Dream Worlds) it soon becomes clear that they are part of some very dangerous agendas.

Drawn into a whirlwind adventure Josh, Baz and Teresa find themselves in the middle of a nightmare of chaos. They have unscrupulous enemies – very scary enemies in fact – and if they don't figure out very quickly what they are looking for and why the company wants them so badly to find it then they might not survive their employment.

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