Persona 3 Review: "I can't stop barfing up all over"

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Persona 3 Review: "I can't stop barfing up all over"

Post by Overlord Gorntrex on Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:56 pm

Candy is a delicious thing, with a variety of flavors and brands too choose from. But what if candy punished you for eating it and then insisted you try to date multiple women to increase your wizard power for a seemingly endless amount of time. That is basically what Persona 3 is.

A game I could recommend to any fan of the monster collection games, or JRPG fans of any kind but with a very poignant warning. The pacing in Persona 3 is the worst pacing of any game I've ever played ever.

Slowly raising your social links to max an arcana may be interesting with all the detailed minor character but after doing it over and over and over it is numbing. The best parts of the game are the story and battle system and most of the battles are in randomly generated bland tower floors that get old after awhile but that you NEED to grind in.

I dearly miss Chrono Cross, a game where grinding was entirely omitted. You could just glide through the game seeing new things but still being challenged. Persona 3 is much more like hiking up a mountain getting dumped on then riding the party slide back to the base of the mountain for you to scale again except this time you are pretty sure you know how many rocks there are on the mountain and you met a new person on the slide.
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